Who is Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor?

     Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor is a non-governmental association, founded in 2012 and contributes to the development and promotion of values in areas such as personal and professional development, cultural, social and humanitarian, for all nationalities, tribes, nations and ethnic groups across the world.



The best one is the one who created you, God the Father Almighty.


The team of  Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor:

 The Values Recognition Association is legally represented by:

  • President Alexandra-Monica Iordache: Saint Balthazar; Al Hambra Granada.
  • Vice President Marilena-Caliopi Panaite: Author Compendium 800 – The All-Embracing Knowledge Tree and Saint Adam; Patriarch Avraam; Moses; Lord Gautama Buddha; Queen of Sheba.



Mission / Purpose – To create the World of the Righteous* Land of the Righteous

  • Our mission is to plan the future of mankind along side with prominent members in order to facilitate collaboration, access to knowledge, evolution, elevation and acquiring of new attributes.
  • We encourage the active members to participate in the development of the World of the Righteous by respecting and applying the fundamental values.




  • Orientation towards action and planning for the future of mankind is one of our main goals, according to the creation of the One true God. The beginning of a new era of planetary, national and individual progress.
  • Elaboration and implementation of projects to improve the level of self-awareness and personal development.
  • Elaboration and implementation of projects to support creativity, evolution and elevation of individual progress from micro to macro, spiritual and intellectual development.
  • Elaboration and implementation of projects to inform and stimulate the potential in the social and professional plan.
  • Elaboration and implementation of programs and ecological projects for the environmental protection and for educating the human being in the spirit of respect and love for the nature.
  • Elaboration and implementation of programs for discovering talents and skills in music, art, dance, theatre, photography, sport, etc., and apply them to improve the one self-esteem.
  • Elaboration and implementation of projects in charitable purpose for individual development.
  • Prioritization of 7 Arts Education.



Values, principles and criteria

     Respect; Trust; Responsibility; Involvement; Respect for ideas, choices and opinions; Cooperation; Innovation; Challenge; Self Awareness; Inner harmony; Peace; Loyalty; The meaning of life; Self respect..



How you become  member of Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor and where to find us

   Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor offer benefits packages to all who wish to join and contribute for the reform and progress of the planet.

We provide you the memberships invitation at the:


How and where you can contribute to support Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor projects

– Be a project partner in the association, by completing the sign-up adhesion

( this will be signet only with the president and the vicepresident in a meeting)

– Be our sponsor


 We are very happy, for God the Father consented to create the World of the Righteous in this period, after the end of the 4th Era, Genesis Era, a rather long period of His work with Adam, Eva and their tribes. The Lord’s work was during a period of 21,000 years for forgiveness and diminishing the personal and ancestral sins up to the 7th ancestral line. The  Right man is that who “is ready” and prepared in this period of time, clear of personal and ancestral sins, and also the chosen members who are part of the Lord tribes for salvation.
      We are very happy to have the privilege to live and participate with all the Being in such historical events in the New World of the Righteous with the chosen one according to the prophecy of Fatima. The 3rd millennium is the era of peace, national and individual prosperity,  harmony and creation in the Light of Heavenly Father: The honorary founder  Her Remanence Marilena-Caliopi Panaite chosen by God Almighty Father and the only Creator of Heaven and the holy lands, in order to fulfill the mission to be:  The Patriarch of the New World- Adam *Whip of the Haven, the gatering of the Jesus’s.