… Us, The Righteous

Chapter 1.1

Humanity has always focused on uncovering the mysteries of the Universe in order to find the inner Self. Many specialized works have been written throughout history and brought to the attention of those who are interested about the course of their lives and the important journey of the Spirit that is called to the Table of the Feast. This call is the individual spiritual awakening that is given together with many divine personal rights, for spiritual growth is unique and personal and what is given is a form of tithing coming from a Soul to another Soul, each time being a dear one.

Spiritual awakening begins to manifest itself physically through questions raised from the High Gate of Self Consciousness, who must also be implemented in the physical plan of consciousness of the same person, gaining intrinsic strengths for evolution. Among these questions we selected a few: ”Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What is the end of the road, if one exists? What does God want from me in this life? What is my purpose in life? “, these are just a few daily questions who seek for the truth in the human being. Sometimes it is a daily thought that desires the soul’s peace after learning more of itself. Old beliefs and new beliefs are shattered and invoked into human consciousness, a continuous struggle of self-understanding until the spiritual awakening sets a clear path to our own enlightenment!

“Spiritual Philosophy is based on its own ways of evolution. Never imitate a master or another man met on the way, therefore it is necessary to learn some basic rules: The Way – The Star that guides you – the knowledge the master teaches – and your own choice! “

Spiritual Philosophy begins by opening the Book of Divine Laws, All Embracing Knowledge Tree of Self from the beginning of the Genesis era started with Adam and Eve, and long before them from where every Being took the Almighty breath to start this diamond journey called the evolution and elevation of the Being. The teachings of Lord Buddha, the Universal Laws and those of Moses, the 1000 Mysteries and the Technique of Meditation- the healing of the Self, the current and existential Self-knowledge, the Salvation, the World of the Righteous with the promise of the Almighty that he offers Honey and Milk and the New World, the Mysteries of the Universe and the God, all this and more are presented in a clear light by Caliopi CelMare, author of the entire Compendium Catalog 800- All Embracing Knowledge Tree.

The author being the reincarnation of major ancestral masters such as St. Adam; Father Patriarch Abraham; The teacher of laws, Moses; The enlightener of the world and the Absolute Master of Eternal Life, Lord Gautama Buddha; The Key to the Dharmic Universes- Tao’s Kybalion; Makeda of Sheba – Queen Hatshepsut, who have had a huge impact on the spiritual, social, economic and geographic plan in history, Caliopi CelMare presents today the Mysteries of Personal Evolution.

Having an important mission in the world, to be the road to Heaven and to rule in the World of the Righteous, Caliopi CelMare has been in direct communication with the Angels and the Almighty since childhood. The messages received from the Superior Heavens were a revelation for the writer, making possible the manifestations of her own gifts and missions in life from the age of four years since she first confessed his grandfather, not far from Humanity’s Column, this being the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Developing her inner skills, she helped people to come out from the unfortunate situations of karma until they understood the mistakes of previous lives, thus producing the healing of the Great Being on the spiritual, mental and physical planes of consciousness. With a vast knowledge of the sacred meditation technique, the works of the writer Caliopi CelMare are of major importance during the period in which we live, the books being arranged in a chronology to be respected by each reader willing to evolve. Her teachings aim to touch and highlight the valuable components of the Human Being, for a total fulfillment of the Almighty work with it.

The author maintains the line of his works on the dual side of Personal Development and Self-Knowledge, preparing for the reader questions that might be important and where the answer is not yet known.

·         why do I live with the impression that I miss something important, essential and recovered in my life?

·         why do I feel I do not live the experience of my life which is intended for me?

·         why is my soul crying?

·         why do I feel tired?

·         why do I have dreams for which I cannot find explanations?

·         why do people don’t understand me?

·         what is the purpose of my life?

·         who is it and how I meet my soul mate?

·         what are my divine rights?

·         how do I communicate with My Angels, the Saints and the Almighty?

·         what is it and how can I meditate for a better life, for a prosperous life on all the plans of my Being?

·         who am I? where do I come from? where do I go?

Do you feel prepared and willing to know your own self awakening and to enter your own elevation after you felt the urge of the Soul reading the questions above?  If so, and you want to know: What is the Birth and the Light of Creation; The Holy Baptism; The weddings; The Children of Crystal and Indigo, own diamond; The vampires’ customs and the elimination of demons; Karma; Dharma; Description of water vibration in healing; Description of water vibration in healing; The Sacraments of Prayer and Personal Prayers written with the help of the Angels and the Holy Archangels called for help; Chakras of knowledge, deepening and healing; The divine right; Personal Mission; Acquiring grace; Salvation; Sex; Love, the Sacred Grace and the resonance of Divine Laws; Initiations; The Recovery of the Lost Gifts and the Holy Angels; The vibrational description of the Heavens, Energy vibrational values; How to make your spiritual vibrational value map; Reincarnation; Living dreams or visions; The role of financial-material plans in a human’s life; The cancer and other diseases; Other Mysteries, then you are invited to enter the Mysteries of the Spiritual Knowledge Chronology through the books of the author Caliopi CelMare.

Compendium 800 – The All-Embracing Knowledge Tree

1. Reducing Personal Sin – The Beginning3

2. Vibrational Energy Values – Universal Spirit

3. Mysteries of John’s Revelation – Interpretation

4. Energizing the Ceachers – Mysteries 1

5. Healing Energy – Mysteries 2

6. Forgiveness The Self with Archangel Michael – Mysteries 3


The Structural Path

Chapter 1.2


The structural session of illumination of the human Being

About chronology Spiritual Awakening Technical details – from the beginning and the end of an evolutionary cycle.


1. Evolution

What does the author point out to this introductory chapter? Developer of Learning Modules.

Working Mode

VALUABLE individual RECOVERY is the first essential structure in the work of personal development. This spiritual recovery starts with the unraveling of the individual Light and the time appropriate for the spiritual awakening itself. The cutting of the harmful energy strings that determine the individual evolutionary stagnation is determined by the first module of the reintegration of the Being:

  • Personal vibrational energy value map. This map of the Self’s value represents a clear situation of the structural plume of Being and is measured.
  • How old is the individual spiritual ege?
  • What vibrational value was born at birth?
  • How Responsible Is for Existence and Existence of Personal Salvation – The Period and Way of Reducing Personal Sins
  • How Responsible Is for the ancestral sins of the Neam chain until the 7th generation – the period and the way of diminishing the sins
  • Decreasing sin in abortion – a way of praying and forgiveness
  • Sunday Mass and gifts to the Altar – donation in personal quantum
  • Chronology of the Church Acatist :

– How is writing an prayer to the reducing personal sins

– Reduction of Ancestral Sin to the 7th generation of relatives

– Liturgy for abortion,just in case!

– 40-Day Confessions and diminishing the evil vices 5. The Fasting

  • Reengaging the Angel
  • Meditation
  • Meditative exercise and lifestyle the Self
  • Experience and mastery of the meditative exercise
  • Therapeutic meditations- Divine thehnics of meditation
  • Clearing and energizing cacachers – knowing!
  • Cleaning and development of personal energy aura – knowledge!
  • Regression
  • What is the regression?
  • Regression for healing. The underlying details of the “regressions for healing” module is the multiple reincarnation of the Self.
  • Regression for knowledge

Fundamental details / previous lives Finding the Personal Self and Men’s Individual Work Fundamental details – the focus is on their own evolutionary existential structures and on the segmente modulation where you need to evolve and elevate the Being and the Path in working.

  • Reincarnation
  • What is reincarnation?
  • How true is it? Experience!
  • Effective way of working
  • The exercise
  • Benefit
  • Mention of the present life
  • Conscience Acquisition of personal gifts and spiritual gifts for entire angeles on plans – HEALTH
  • The conclusion of the first evolutionary process from the structural recovery of the Being to the healing of it is an individual work recommended by the spiritual master according to the personal vibrational energetic value map. Following chronology, the following chapter is:



 2. Elevation the Self


This chapter begins with what it defines both through the Being and the place in the Righteous Land:

  • Noble
  • Enriching Soul
  • Personal energy vibrational value map 2
  • The choice for the continuation of the evolutionary cycle – here elevation
  • Individual work for joining up
  • New Heaven
  • Place in the Universe and individual purpose
  • Acquiring virtues
  • Connections of the Seventies, Gentiles and Mysteries 1000


3. Who is the Rightteous man?


  • Fundamental details
  • The existential evolutionary compression and the role of Adam in the Almighty Work
  • Genesis
  • The New Heaven Factor
  • Planet Erth – Gaya – Endura – Christ. You need to know!
  • Preparing the Righteous Man for the Great Being – the one ready!
  • Upper Heavens 8, absolute discernment
  • The Great Being, preparation – Timeline
  • The fullness of the Great Being, individual thing – knowledge
  • Human Recognition Right – Structure of I.D. through in Valor Recognition Association
  • Kingdom of the Righteous Land
  • The unique religion of 1000 years New World
  • Egypt and the First Righteous Church
  • Structure of the New World Order [link]
  • The board of the seven called in the world to the universal work of leading the world: CEO (soon the name of the Righteous who are meant to lead the world over the next 1000 years)


Chapter 1.3

Trade Mark * by Marilena – Caliopi Panaite CelMare – author


1) www.caliopimarilena.ro ( with entire cycles on it 2011- 2018 and to the 1000 yers on future)

2) Catalog Compendium 800 – All Embracing Knowledge Tree   

3) The Patriarch of the New Era – Adam / Wip of the Eden  

4) The Biginnings of the Genesis

5) All Embracing Knowledge Tree

6) Divine Tehnickque of Meditation

7) Mysteries ‘Taine 1- 800 Catalog Compendium 800 – All Embracing Knowlwdge Tree

8) The spiritual acupuncture of Archangel RaphaEL

9) Kallymassalla 

10) Divine Medicine Food

11) Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor (2012) co reprezetation & authors: Alexandra – Monica Iordache and Marilena – Caliopi (CelMare) Panaite

12) RA Fundation * Art, Color & Disigne

(rezerved name) reprezentant & author Catalin – Marian Constantin 

CEO Catalin-Marian Constantin & Marilena-Caliopi Panaite

13) EnduRA

14) Gabriela Raducan author ” MALI – A JOURNEY INITIATION” 2015

15) Tesla Fundation : The Environment Life
CEO Huciog Florinel Arpad & Asociatia Recunoasterea Valorilor




The Righteous Land
Catalog ”Compendium 800 – All Embracing Knowledge Tree”
by Caliopi CelMare
The Patriarch of the New Era 5.
Whip of the Eden – The gathering of the Rightheous
AlSavoat Dinasty, Golden Tribs & Trons