Perhaps there are voices that hide behind some words like an excuse … “God is God and me is me …”. People urged by lack of Above knowledge to say this or step aside, begin to develop frustrations from helplessness and non-accepting the own Self. Isn’t it that the human being is created in gifts and graces after His image!? If they say that the human being is the micro cosmos in the so called macro cosmos, a paradox, this macro cosmos exists because that human being the micro cosmos forms it. So, what is the real macro cosmos???

Life is a philosophy and is given to human being for / and with a well-defined purpose.
Even if there are similar life events to many people, their lessons are different making therefore the difference between them … shades, all these making part of a single whole universe that manifests simultaneously on all the segments. Vibration!!! Love is a philosophy and is … a perfect wholeness of the circular road of existence, a greatness – even if until the moment of choice you’ve seen only dashed lines and angles.

Love is everything! The love sphere is a whole story where the phoenix reborn whenever we need to learn and share in the same time, the generosity places you at the starting line where you have given the gift of duality as virtue – spirit / physic. Through and with all the spiritual guns of the individual received virtues, each being is “the traveler” of the own existence story.

Knowledge is a whole philosophy, how else!? If you do not own the courage of self-awakening conscious you do not get to know yourself! The mental elevation, the astral library, the dowry of the virtue and own legacy flourish and glow only with the individual agreement of the Self … another philosophy!


Caliopi CelMare -author
Compendium 800 – All Embracing Knowledge Tree
Al Savoat Dinasty – G.T.