A blessing today!

Definition of the Prayer:

1.- church service in honour of Saints or people praying for their souls an fulfillment of prayers related to the Spirit.

2.- this one can be personalized because there are many factors involved ;
Eg: the karmic payments are different and unique .The energetic values are uniques in each and every person. The missions of life are unique ,too.Each one by one part of live in every life is the victory that builds the entire puzzle of their own Being .What is the human Being ? -The 3 treasures :Plan of the own Spirit , Plen of the own Mind and Plan of the own Physical .

3.-it is a written list of names given to the priest into the praying for.
The purposes of these prayers are :
– gaining blessings
– cutting the negative past strings that visible improves the physical health
– evolution of the Spirit and many other mysteries of God .

Eg: you can not talk with Angels until you are clean up energeticly , with genuine vibrational values of own Spirit .
Caliopi Cel Mare -author