The New World!


Before reaching the New World, you have to take into account the Trinity of the Almighty!

The Almighty Trinity is the work of the 9 Dharmic Universes, and in each of them existing:

1. Construction of the Big Being (reducing the sins)

2. The Righteous Land represents the tribes of the Righteous people, Prophets, Saints, Angels, and Archangels who have the gold leaders and the seal after reducing the sins 

3. The New World. The New World is not a territory, it is not a country, but the state of the vibrational values of the RIGHT MAN! Only then can you tell that you are going to the New World.

Have to know:

1. The Righteous will live in the Citadel of the Righteous and the New Era World!

2. Until reaching the New Era World, the soul must be healed. No one enters unprepared!

3. The Christians and other religions will go further to the Salvation of their Souls. The spirit of these people are: Prophets, Saints, Holy Angels and Archangels who have the Salvation and are without sins, and they have access to the New World through the guiding of the one who is the Whip of the Eden (Caliopi CelMare)- Adam, The gathering of the Righteous!

4. The seal received for the Righteous Land signifies the achievement of the spiritual work and the diminishing of the personal sins – the teachings are offered by the Whip of the Eden.

5. Those who are written in the Book of Life by the Whip of the Eden represent the Spirit that has reached a level of knowledge of the Higher Consciousness, and the Almighty acceptance for their own eternal life. The inheritance of the spiritual culture and the right choices makes the Spirit to be the garland that is required for joining the Righteous Land, and this own adherence is the Lord’s Fullness (a unique place) which is called the Splendor of the World.

6. The Righteous Church belongs only to Moses (Caliopi CelMare) and the People of the Righteous Land. They will work for 1000 years for the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ. This period begins in 8 years. The church will not be kidnapped or destroyed, as some who manipulated mankind have said. This unique Church will be represented by all religions of the world, especially the religions of the current 7 Churches (the stage of learning and evolution as I wrote in the literary work “Reducing Personal Sin – The Beginning3”)


Church of the Righteous


Church of the Righteous is New Age religion of Holiness in humanity you get in a few years old.Will be found here, and already have access, all those who followed the right path to the Divine Laws and by 7 world religions – all steps of Christ vibrational value.

Religion of the 1,000 years of peace, wealth flowing with milk and honey Gifts vibrational energy values in accordance with the divine power of the Spirit. The Righteous Church is composed of all souls who stood with Moses in the wilderness and have decreased since then sin.

The wilderness was not “sahara” or “siberia” but represented a generation of knowledge of Divine Laws which was shared for building human nature – “the image of God as skills and lifestyle through the manifestation of the divine not only in His image!”

The Righteous Church for me is my mission and I will bestow the merits of all their divine rights.


    The planet is in constant change. We enter in the 5th Era age.

23 iulie 2016 Caliopi CelMare – spiritual philosophy author

Compendium 800 – All Embracing Knowledge Tree

Al Savoat Dinasty – G.T.