“The Beginnings. Reducing Personal Sins”

All the world religions represent the chronological ‘era’ of spiritual knowledge where it is achieved for manifestation the ermetism, the Self protection alchemy – one of the highest evolving steps of the being and the elevation of that who wishes to be.

Beginning with this work I have started to unlock and to describe the modality of crossing the karmic‘bridge’. The bridge being the node of a lifetime or more where it manifests the karmic payment through poverty at all levels. The karmic payments are personal and are considered and counted in the same time through the whole existence of lifetime, as a soul – it must be said here that the soul is immortal and has as unit of measurement, the billion / trillion of years. It may be possible that every man / soul to measure billion of years as existence since it vibrates and creates causes determining therefore its entrance in the developing vortex of the universal laws with the divine laws virtues.

But there are also karmic payments until the 7th kindred that every evolved being – like man, is obliged to work to ‘put off’ these payments … only if they wish.

These two segments, personal karmic payments and karmic payments up to the 7th kindred form together the wholeness of karma that unfortunately, defines and gives negative sense to present life events and influence the future one in case purification fails. Without karmic purification, there is no personal evolution even if same life must be lived repeatedly.

Until I have reached this step of evolution with 360 degrees manifestation, I have worked with God for 9 years in order to decipher all the secrets of this work – code brought for the benefit of humanity.

Everything started when indirect events of those around me happened to me at certain moments and time. I could see my friends and acknowledges ‘loosing’ their time with initiation systems in order to improve their health and life, to find their Path and certain answers to thousands of pressing questions. As if they were living emptily, they could not manage to understand, to go forward, and to evolve. Something, that something hold them up.

From this point forward, God worked with me. I have participated at some spiritual seminaries and even if I was standing in the last row, man standing in the first rows were coming to me as if they were knowing me since forever and were asking me: “How can I write a prayer?”

After a period of seminaries, I have had a call to go to a monastery … with mission from God … again, my acknowledges and many other people met at that time wanted to send prayers to the monastery so that nuns can pray for their lives, but still they were asking me: ‘How do I write a prayer?’

They did not know what to write in it as divine law … many times there were bizarre requests that had no relation with God and His own. For the second time I was determined to ‘correct’ as the Mighty was asking.

Third period in solving the karmic payment was during a period of years when I have ‘deepened’ all the segments of the crossing ‘bridge’. Men – the solving request through prayers – solving cases and spiritual measurements before and after. The measurement, can be done, if wanted, by anyone through a test of complete analyzes before and after, as given from above to solve this ‘bridge’ … from karma to personal developing and understanding its complexity, evolution, present and future existential elevation. I have seen that man can barely escape this karma grasp without a correct prayer, as if it is held up, or better explained as if it is a blind positioning at the start line for which it has divine accept but without understanding what to do for his own good and that of his relatives.

Crossing this bridge solves much as following:

– get free / put off of some personal karma on the three plans spiritual, mental and physical growing therefore the positive vibration;

– get free / put off the kindred karma till the 7th generation of seniors, as written in Bible. It is known that most part of the disagreements, diseases, random losses met by man in the present life plan and the future ones are owed to the karmic payment that always comes back as a boomerang every time each and every must solve them – if this is what they want.

Purifying this karmic segment, it is a better connection and acceptance of the own food chain, a link in the great food chain of Universe which we all are part of, care and built the macro cosmos.

It does not matter the religion, all men are submitted to do mistakes and we all ask for help to a unique God when in need.

All the answers and all the evolution steps have a ‘code’, as much as one understand better an individual step, the more it is being worked to find its own Path, and the quicker the man is spiritually evolving.

Therefore, I have chosen an open discussion …


Caliopi CelMare – author

Compendium 800 – All Embracing Knowledge Tree

Al Savoat Dinasty – G.T.


The Chronology :

PS : Monday of each week it’s extremely important for the spiritual and energetic cleaning of the soul. Monday is the day of growth not only on the financial side as was thought until now but also on other plans. The universe of a human being is when every man wants his own good on every level of life -a peak. That peak of love, that peak of the finances from a life or from a period of lifetime (depends on how you want to choose), the peak of friendship, fraternity, faith, truth, joy or human support, etc..until reaching the foundation of the Creation with all the virtues. Everything I have listed above are example for you to understand, but also for you to acquire personal divine rights. The prayers are the first step from the energetic cleaning SECRETS of the Unique God Almighty Creator. Acquiring personal divine rights is bliss of joy/ zen where the whole being reached his one value where God waits for him on the road to SALVATION. If you have any questions, please ask! Below you have the blessing of knowledge for today, to be useful to you!!!