There are 4 segments of education that are being asked itself to be developed in a lifetime;

 – the 7 years home education, where the individual receives education from parents and grandparents or both, after case;

– school education period, where the individual receives a certain knowledge of intellectual development;

– education after school period, not matter how long, is the education where the adult is forming taking into account each one’s free will.

 It is a putting in practice of one has accumulated through learning life until the beginning of maturity period. The surprise is that as an adult one is still learning, this part representing the life school and some limits imposed by every individual in part, after his own free will.

 – spiritual education, is, if you wish, the icing on the cake; without self knowledge, the 3 segments from above remain without support.

 Spirit education makes the difference and completes you all the knowledge and self-education like a adulthood whole. There where the wisdom is received, first gate towards the eternal life beginnings … supposing you already have the adulthood!!! This one has been taught 2,000 years ago.

 World has been created after God “has grown up” everything that man needs.

 Man only has to learn all these and know to self manage everything that God has given him:

“And he has told; lest there be need, and this need not own!!!”

 And … man have been also told, at the world creation, that in all the Heaven garden there is single  “Wisdom Tree” that it is destined to him after merits, at a given time.

 The time is now!

 God names this grace “The Wisdom Tree”, and I “translate” it for you, according His will;

 “The All-Embracing Knowledge Tree”.

 All-Embracing because it touches and works over all structural segments of the spirit, repairs, recuperates, blesses any need and necessity of man, in all the 3 individual treasures that form the wholeness:

– the spirit with all its aspects,

– the mental with all the graces of this segment,

– the body, the main catalyst of all the graces.

 The wisdom and its graces, the teachings, do not separate … remain eternal!!!

 The spiritual knowledge, as God accepts this for the man benefits, represents a lot more than to draw some symbols in your hands or to receive some papers without substance.

 Everything manifests developed, gradually, module after initiation module, keeping the bar high at each divine right level consented for each soul. Uniqueness!

 His elevation is clear only after receiving the blessings over all the process road of the evolution.




 What are these???

 Modern world consider them a segment from the alternative medicine. It is true and it is also true a profound thing, they can be found in the essence and in the potency of each man, can be accessed by everyone, it is one of the spirit virtues that awaits to be discovered, smoothed and to manifest in its splendid brightness. The question is how ???

 It is something simple for each one, with the condition to comply exactly the Laws that governs that part of theory, in this case, the Divine Laws.

 This simplicity, complying with Divine Law, is recommended with the following actions:


  1. Energetic purification through the church, for any religion

 I say that is valid for any religion because … as matter-of-course … also the Muslim has Self and sins, also the Orthodox, as the Catholic … and every man embodied has his karmic payments that has to purify in order to pass at the next higher level of self elevation.

 Personal or kindred karmic payments, “ease” pretty much with the church “therapy”:

– personal karma prayer – you ask the time that must be allocated for their purification

– kindred karma prayer – you ask the time that must be allocated for their purification

– how do you write a pray

– abortion pray … there where it is necessary, this is destined also for woman as for the man involved

– Sunday liturgy

– Confession and Communion there where there is Divine consent

 My call is to initiate you superiorly in the unique work, but in order to do it I have been given through the Holy Saint all that is necessary to learn … for everybody’s happiness.

 Here in this module, after the priestly work for you, one of the paths for the graces retrieval is being opened, one of these is the unique Holy Saint that is the ‘barn’ full of benefits on all the 3 treasures: mental, spiritual and physical.

 It is “necessary” to be capable and spiritually potent in order to recover – gain Holy Saint grace that owns the 7th gifts – grace for the feeding of human trinity.

 The 7th gifts – the gift of Holy Saint are the virtues crowns that are being received by the soul at its creation, and these are:

– the grace that translates the universal wisdom

– the grace that translates the universal understanding

– the grace of advice potency, the guidance from Above in all the steps of complying with the Divine Law by human nature

– the grace for the strengthen and universal will

– the grace that translates science in all the universal domains

– the grace that defines sincere and pure feelings of universal elevation

– the grace of fear conscious of God that signifies the respect for God and the wholeness where He is present over all the planetary and universal hierarchies.

 Only after this retrieval, recuperation, reunion and blessing of the 7th graces – Holy Saint gift, you can receive the consent for the next evolution step; the initiations??? … otherwise ,well, please excuse me, but it is a lie!

 From all my experience, I can see that if an individual does not recuperate these gifts he cannot receive the consent from Above to go further.

 The rules of the Divine Laws are strict and must be respected!

 It is valid for every religion.

 God’s church is like a bridge to cross from … negativities … to Holy Saint Light. Crossing this bridge eases the man out of either the karmic burdens of the sins and the pressures of self-ignorance. Those that have passed through these life lessons and then have talked to God … know what I am talking about.

 Any church has the Holy Angel of God that manages with graces any work ordained by the Holy Bible to purify, to save and to propel at the next higher level of the human specie.

 Priesthood at global level is the Leviathan specie, those with graces and calls to become priests for the help of humankind, whether they are man or women.

 Everything is being worked after the Law, inside the trinity desired by God Father the Unique one; the Holy Angel works with / through the priesthood for the needs and the starting benefits of the spirit and also for the unchanging of the deeds of the existential times … of the man. The total benefit is for the man that takes care of its own spirit.

 All the priest in this world, through the nature of their job do at least a prostration a day and say at least a prayer every morning … I ask pragmatically … you, the one that judge, how many time do you pray, … or how many prostrations do a day???

 … damn the stick but also the bar is measured …

 What is the sense of your experience???


Have you forgotten what the Redeemer have said:

 “give the Caesar what’s Caesar’s and to God what’s God’s” ?

 Will not this sound like a Divine Law???


  1. After easing the burden in personal plan, the sins’ burdens, try to clean the spaces where you live and work.

 This work is destined also to the church by divine right:

 – it is called consecration – the purification work of cleaning the house with one or more priests.

 The work of purifying the living space has to be done at 40 days period time. It is priest’s job to do it as is their job duty as a call. If God ordains it, and they have the grace and potency given by Above to do it.

 I have been given to learn, to know … but it is not my job to do it. To put you over somebody else’s call … it is a little bit offending in front of the God … don’t you think!?

 When I call God to purify my house, I know for certain that Holy Saint brings me only purification of high vibration values for my divine right, I also know that I comply and obey the Divine Laws, as I have been ordained in the Holy Bible – “do not work with evil!” and my benefit is on unlimited tome, unconditioned.

 I have seen, I have been given to learn, every space has its entity … not because it is normal. These entities are spirits bound between worlds, they can be of light or … darken, they remained behind because they want something. Their place is not here.

 Unfortunately, there are a lot of facts that personally belong to them and do not let them evolve.

 All the time they ask for something, … they have material attachments and upsets that their followers have not done a thong or another, after their liking. In addition, this is how they remain to haunt and this haunting disrupts the good Zen of wealth, prosperity, peace and harmony of those living there, in such a space.

 We do not sum also their stagnation / capping loosing precious time of their talents of their evolutionary part.

 Nerves appeared out of the blue states, manifested without conscious control, is a sign that ‘the atmosphere’ is pretty charged there where these states are caused.

 I have given a small example but very often met.

With every action and spiritual work, the values and the divine rights are being purified from negativities, their vibration grow on all the plans, the graces and the gifts reunify through the divine rights, multiple blessings are being received, so multiple that you are being given the consent to cross to the next level.


  1. Spirit evaluation, the measurements

 This evaluation is a turning direction that you have to integrate in. Without it there is no direction!

 Without the action of the first part, there is no valid evaluation of the spirit. I recommend those that make such measurements to send first their students to church for their good, for the ease of the karmic payments and of the burden pf the personal sins, to reunify and to heal the graces and the gifts, to recover the personal angels.

 The evaluation and the measurement of the spirit:

– what spiritual family are you part of?

– what is the value of the Holy saint present in her / him?

– what is the heaven related to its birth?

– what is the heaven related to present day? If it is below the birth heaven … has to work spiritually and have more patience to accomplish what is to accomplish;

 – the related heaven, the value of the Holy Saint that God wishes to exist in the man in the moment of his death?

– what is the percent of angels of divine right?

– how many does he have now? If they are few, why? What is the fact that he must work with in order to recuperate them?

– charkas? – development

– meridians? – development

– calls + missions? …

 When god has ordained, it shall multiply like the grains of ocean sand, he did not want to develop in you the envy and the frustration, and the purpose was and is of uniqueness that fits each one of us. The proper man at the proper place! Under the sun it is place for everybody, you do not live under the impression that you are or must step your neighbor’s feet / be stepped on feet by a neighbor. The one that has not yet found its place should still look after it as it certainly has one!

 – individual spiritual potencies?

– spiritual guides?

– … many other particularities that are destined only for the ‘student’.

  1. Purification of the charkas, their alignment

  2. The purification of the meridians

  3. Setting of the individual priorities

  4. Meditation and divine techniqueto learn and control the terms in the meditative art

  5. Mental development

  6. The actual initiation, the initiation and the elevation of the 3 treasures of the spirit, of the mental and of the temple,

  7. The earning of the gracesand of the gifts related to each practitioner

– universal love

– love – soul mate, different and higher than other earthly love

– peace, harmony

– divine rights on all the life segments

– money and rightful  material parts for this world

– angel hierarchy

– knowing the heavens and underneath heavens

– self-knowledge

 Initiation of the spirit and his knowledge in the conscious plan is the engine of all the man needs in physical plan. The spirit owns the gifts, the mind distributes them and the physic benefits consciously of all the gifts. You know that saying … you have a billion of dollars but if you do not have the information … all for nothing … you do not what to do with them.


( please specify the source of these pieces of information, according to divine Law – thank you)

  Bucharest/author spiritual philosofy&studiu 2006-2015

By Caliopi CelMare-author


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