“Take heed tribes of Jacov…
Read, ask, meditate and learn
Ask for !
Give further !”
…trumpeted Saint Archangel MichaEl in 2011
Blessed be the Lord God of all, the Unique Father Creator of Heaven , earth and all that is in the waters.
Glory to God for the entire Creation !
Glory to God for the blessing of the Being !
Glorify God for this work wich is carried out,  now, with me !
Halleluiah !
The theme and the purpose for these blog is the knowledge of the full spectrum of the Divine Laws, the Divine Mysteries wich are givers laws to guide people’s lives to do only good. From today I teach you the chronological beginning of knowledge “The Embracing Tree”.
Tree of wisdom that since the beginning of Genessis with Adam and Eve The Being received a gift from God “the forbidden fruit”.
Received then, to acquire now!
To do this requires extensive knowledge of all the mysteries, above Divine Laws, in a strict chronollogy dictated from above, comprising chapters from wich acquire the necessary graces and gifts to own evolution on Self/development and then elevate them.
These chapters are:
The description of the Spiritual Gifts and Graces that each of us came with to this earth, becoming aware of these gifts, such as those below
    • What is Light of Creation and Birth
    • Holy Baptism
    • Marriages
    • Crystal and indigo children
    • Karma & Dharma
    • The description of water vibration in healing
    • Divine Acceptance and Divine Right
    • Personal mission
    • Salvation
    • Sex, love and Grace in resonance with the Divine Laws
    • Life lessons /cases
    • Recommended reading and meditation
    • Energy healing /clearness
    • Initiations / knowledge
    • Recovering Gifts and lost Holy Angels
    • Heaven description
    • Energetic vibrational values
    • How to do your spiritual values map
    • Reincarnation
    • Vivid dreams or visions
    • The role of financial material part in a person’s life
    • The cancer and other diseases.
Jacob is the same with the biblical character whom God appointed Israel – the one that never gives up. Iacov is the beginner of Jesus The Savior tribes. The members of these tribes are high spirits coming from another spiritual evolution era and were chosen to build The World with God in this era of Genesis. This era is the 4th evolutionary Era on Fibonacci scale, measuring 21.000 years, and began with what we know now – with the arrival of Adam and Eve and ends just over eleven years here in the nearest future, 2026 Equinox of winter., and began with what we know now – with the arrival of Adam and Eve and ends just over eleven years here in the nearest future, 2026 Equinox of winter., and began with what we know now – with the arrival of Adam and Eve and ends just over eleven years here in the nearest future, 2026 Equinox of winter.
The 4th Era, Genesis Era , it was and represents the forgiveness of personal and existential sins, diminishing ancestral sins up to the 7th ancestral lineage , liability mission in this life.
Incarnation of Soul during this period of 21.000 years , was multiple just as entire Being to come into Its own chronological genesis in the end to be “ready” for crossing in the 5th Era –
the Era of Righteous and Saints  that are destined to teach and guide the Being (up) to the energetic vibrational degree value of Heaven Superior 11
( please read ” The Universal Spirit” by Caliopi CelMare)
Speaking of circulation 11:11 where no one quite knows what divine sign it is . The sign is quite complex and has a lot of information for mankind. One of these signs is a commandment of God: In eleven years mankind must measure the amount of vibrational energy of Heaven Superior 11.
(2015-2026 )
Why? Because now it is the right time when it’s first showed the Ark of Covenant exactly as prophesied by our Holy Fathers (Mystery). The Ark of Covenant is a person not a relic in a museum. This person is the reicarnation of Adam,
  • of father Patriarch Avraam, Muslim KaBa’s founder( Mystery)
  • of Moses the seer  of God and the Divine Laws initiator with all their  mysteries
  • of Makeda of Shaba who was the first female pharaoh in ancient Egipt as the Hapcheptus – grace of Horus Mystery
  • the Celtic goddess Epona of the priests of the Druids (Mystery)
  • the one that was Miriam of Magdala Christ’s first wife – among others she represented His initiation and training as Son of God who He became after that existence ( the greatest mystery that earthlings miss )
  • of Mumtaz Mahal representing among other missions one of sacred importance – the fullness of love
  • priests and popes who ruled by righteous deeds the sense of world’s religions for the good of humanity/mankind and especially the fulfillment of the Divine Will of The Unique God
  • Buddha. If by that time I have worked to plant and open Ways of Laws and knowledge of truth, when I was the awake I’ve come to teach the concept of elevating everything you evolved until such time given .
Today the name of this spirit is Caliopi –the author. I came to teach you everything that is called  Mystery, Law and God’s divine knowledge and especially , you the Righteous ones, to be trained and qualified for the New Era – The Righteous Land and World as well as .
Even if you like or not, I have a mission to fulfill/accomplish and that I will do it now where God has been with me right from the beginning.
If Jesus The Savior did not say who He was and especially what was His mission 2.000 years ago, today nobody would have first support of diminishing sins secrets  wich is Christianity. These sacraments and mysteries being vital in acquiring grace and evolution toward/to salvation.
Things are very serious !
Ready or not…I, is why I’m here !
I was chosen to plant the seeds of knowledge and the only good sense of every Tribe and religion of the 7 existing today, I do not expect you to see the fruit from the first day but please look, learn and be patient to receive ; then, please, do not forget giving at least 10% of everything you know and/or your income.
All the world’s religions represents the chronoogical “era” of spiritual knowledge where it is reached to manifestation the “own” hermetism, the Self protection alchemy – one of the highest evolutionary stage of the Being and elevatig Being  that wants to be.
2011 Bucharest
Caliopi CelMare – spiritual philosophy author.