1. Reducing Personal Sins by Caliopi CelMare – Spiritual Philosophy Author
product_thumbnail1All the world religions represent the chronological ‘era’ of spiritual knowledge where it is achieved for manifestation the ermetism, the Self protection alchemy – one of the highest evolving steps of the being and the elevation of that who wishes to be. Beginning with this work I have started to unlock and to describe the modality of crossing the karmic ‘bridge’. The bridge being the node of a lifetime or more where it manifests the karmic payment through poverty at all levels. The karmic payments are personal and are considered and counted in the same time through the whole existence of lifetime, as a soul – it must be said here that the soul is immortal and has as unit of measurement, the billion / trillion of years. It may be possible that every man / soul to measure billion of years as existence since it vibrates and creates causes determining therefore its entrance in the developing vortex of the universal laws with the divine laws virtues. Buy it here!
2. The Universal Spirit by Caliopi CelMare – Spiritual Philosophy Author
product_thumbnail2I am telling all this from my personal experience as I have learned from God in a clear and chronological approach all the knowledge I had to learn at that moment. Knowing the Laws is part of personal development as this is the base of it and represents the soul elevation on the three treasures that represent the entire wholeness of the being: the structural plan of the spirit, the mental structural plan, The mental structural plan splits in two half-plans with different vibration values: super-conscious mind – there where regularly the being stores the knowledge from all his / her existence known in angelic language as astral personal library and accompanies the spirit in eternity; conscious mind – this is known as human conscious and belongs and accompanies the physical plan; the physical structural plan with all its complexity and necessities. Buy it here!