Divine techniques of meditation


Meditation is one of the 1000 pathways of enlightenment, the evolution of the entire Self that covers and works the primordial plans:

The Spiritual Plan, The Super Conscious Mind (the Mental Plan) and the Conscious (the Physical Plan).

Meditation is a state of well-being and a relaxation of the mind, for beginners that reveal its mysteries. Meditation has also many gates of evolution and high consciousness

Here is a chronology as in all the chapters of deepening the evolution. Do not think you can miss the lessons here, maybe in the schools in the world, but in sacred chronology, no!

 Every meditation exercise must be efficient, its content is:

The right to receive the Mystery and individual divine acceptance;

This is the opening of a heavenly theme which you have to learn and/or to complete it on a personal plan;

From the beginning of Genesis in which the making of your being began always there are Angels or other Great Spirit who takes care of you.

The knowledge

Awareness of the meditation theme, whenever you progress, will begin with the background of your problems with the reminder of the demonic vices to which you have to give up. The Angels express themselves directly, you do not have to be upset on them if they will show your demonic vices. Ask them how to find the Way of Light, how to get out of trouble. Be understanding and patient with yourself, use self-education and ask your angels with what to replace the demonic vice to be in the evolution stage.

The understanding – to see!

Self-understanding is the greatest test in a man’s life. I have seen from the experience of my work with my disciples that even if they had a rather high self-esteem it was misunderstood. In the divine part the vicious shade is easy to detect, you just need to want to change yourself for the better under the protection of the supreme truth.

Choosing the divine gifts

The choice is to respect the free will, is the scale and the current life purpose that you give yourself. But this goal is visible for the entire existence you have to live. Good or bad is your choice!

Your Blessings

The blessings are received at the opening of the truth required and accepted by you on the path of the supreme truth. It’s a kind of house cleaning, piece by piece. And here it elevation comes only if your previous plans have been cleansed.

The Place of Angels on the entire Flower of Life spectrum, there where you have to evolve and elevate the gift you received.

Any grace received comes in the bundle with its own angels, and here they go to work and the human help is visible in the physical plan.

Blessings of the grace fullness that you have to fulfill

The meditative work is structured on several levels:

· Meditation for beginners, peace and quietness of mind

· Meditation, exercise where the Self is awakening naturally

· The meditation of communication with the divinity

· The working and healing meditation, one of the most demanding parts of evolution, in which you learn to master meditation therapy for individual cleaning and healing of energy.

Meditation is a serious work summing up tens even hundreds of previous exercises. Meditation has a unique label, personal for the individual side, and not for other people. Meditation is an intrinsic remedy for evolution and self-elevation!

The Author Caliopi CelMare

e-mail : caliopi.marilena27@yahoo.com