Caliopi Cel Mare, The One with the Covenant, Reincarnated, for all those interested around the world that want to make part of te World of the Righteous, recomends you the Chronology of Knowledge and Self – Development….

Opening the personal Path of the spiritual awakening generates the earning of knowledge for the Self – own.

On one hand, the unchaining of multiple divine infirmities and on the other hand, an overcome of personal vibration values, divine rights, the consent towards the soul redemption and eternal life.

Kindly read, learn and excel to a higher level of personal development.

 With each reincarnation, the human being comes with two types of burden. One of them is the indoor inner, the own DNA – the spiritual one. The Light of the Holy Spirit and the experience from the lessons of existential life – past lives, throughout their acquisition generates graces and Heavenly gifts. These gifts are useful for any evolutionary stage that the human being might be – spiritually, mentally and physically.

 The other part of the energetic burden, less lighten, is composed of at least three segments.

–  the destiny and all its structures in all the spirit’s existence still not awakened and therefore has still unsolved backlogs … in Heaven it is called the Book of Life and contains the calls of each evolutionary moment of human being and also the life lessons. These backlogs of the existential destiny are due to demonic vices of the laziness … and others derived from these that prevent the evolution, the merger moment between the conscious Wholeness with that of supra conscious for the awakening moment.

– the transgression of the Divine Law along the entire existential path  … nothing is crumbling, everything is a perfect whole – Creation of the Unique God!